Presently, nepotism is coming up as a big issue in Bollywood. The roots of nepotism are strong enough to ruin the whole industry. According to some actors who achieved success on their own nepotism ruins the careers of several talented actors.

Nepotism exists in every industry. However, it’s brought in more negative effects on Bollywood and it aggravates the rage of the audience. People who have ample influence in Bollywood are taking advantage to help their near and dear ones to get a good job. Sometimes, the actors lack acting qualities, and still, they continue to get works, which is unfair. It’s a bitter truth in Bollywood that the seeds of Bollywood came up as a big tree and it’s affecting the careers of good actors.

Death of Sushant Singh Rajput Triggered the Nepotism Topic in Bollywood

Nepotism in Bollywood is a not a new issue. It was existing for a long time. But the recent death of actor Sushant Sign Rajput triggered the topic. His fans and some of the Bollywood actors reveal the fact that nepotism was gradually ruining the career of the late actor and it was the reason behind his suicide. 

In this regards, Kangana Ranaut’s remarks is worth to mention. She has directly accused Karan Johar as the flag bearer of nepotism. She strongly believes that nepotism ruined the career of the late actor and he was marked as an outsider in the Bollywood. She also called karan Johar as ‘snooty and intolerant’ towards outsiders. And if any actor raises his/her voice they are either supressed or they are treated badly with negative comments.

Huma Qureshi in an interview said that may the star kids have talent but the opportunities they get make it easy to develop their career. They are easily selected for big budget movies and it becomes easy to gain attention of the audience. On the other hand, other actors find it difficult to get selected for a good movie and sometimes they have more expertise than the star kids. So, they have to struggle more and it becomes difficult to start their career in Bollywood.

Yes, the start kids need to prove themselves to the audience to survive in the industry. But there are good actors behind the screens who just play the side roles and never selected in lead roles. It’s time to say no to nepotism and we should focus on talent and we can get the best actors coming up with amazing performances. We need to explore the real art and we have to come up with the actors who know how to perform.

Time to Wake Up

Indian audience need to wake up and it’s time to stop nepotism. We need to recognize the real actors and there would be a renaissance in Bollywood. The audience would love to see the art portrayed by the actors on the screen and It would motivate people to live life. If we look into the current situation the star kids are getting heavily trolled and it can be said that Bollywood is going through a negative phase.

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